Silgan Dispensing's diverse health care portfolio meets array of patient needs

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Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development, and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the home, health and beauty markets, will share insights and solutions for a wide range of patient health needs at CPhI 2019 including ophthalmic, animal health and wound care – among other more routine patient needs.

Several studies have shown the correlation between medication adherence and a health care solution’s packaging and dispensing design. The less intuitive and simple a medication is to use, the more likely patients will stop using it – hindering their recovery and potentially leading to more severe health issues. It’s critical that health care solutions be designed specifically for their unique function and patient population.

Silgan Dispensing’s portfolio addresses a number of needs across the health care spectrum, particularly end markets like ophthalmic, animal health and wound care. Some of Silgan Dispensing’s solutions in these areas include:

  • Iridya™: (DMF 34286) A preservative-free, multi-dose ophthalmic dispenser ensures an easy, consumer-friendly experience through exceptional ergonomics, an elongated tip and “no jet” technology. This breakthrough dispenser is designed for precision and ease demonstrating accuracy down to the drop.
  • HiMark® Sprayer: A versatile pumps, suitable for many types of products, including difficult, viscous and aggressive formulations. It is available in a wide range of dimensions, finishes, spray angles and outputs.
  • Mark VII® Max: By combining excellent priming with smooth actuation, Mark VII® Max delivers a high degree of consistency and control. It is compatible with high-viscosity and difficult dermatological formulations, making it ideal for sprays, creams and more.
  • SD200®: SD200 features a low-profile design and exceptional top-load support with countless customization options. This sleek dispenser is ideal for medicinal lotions and creams—elevating the experience through powerful engineering.

“From a patient health perspective, the design of a medication’s packaging and dispensing is part and parcel with the medication itself,” said Tom Grinnan, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Healthcare, Silgan Dispensing.

“Our health care solutions portfolio is rooted in this understanding. Medications and other interventions must be uniquely designed with the end patient in mind. Getting it right is a win-win for patients, marketers and providers.”

CPhI attendees can find Silgan Dispensing at booth 111G72.

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