Silgan Dispensing Showcases its Pirouette™ Technology at Luxe Pack Monaco

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Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the beauty, fragrance, personal care, home, garden and healthcare markets, showcased its wide range of prestige dispensing solutions at Luxe Pack Monaco. The company also debuted Aspire® Pirouette™ - the latest addition to its fragrance screw pump portfolio - to provide sustainable packaging solutions to the lifestyle market.

Silgan’s Pirouette™ technology changes the way that fragrance pumps connect to glass bottles. With Pirouette, consumers can simply unscrew the pump from the bottle, providing them an easy way to either refill the bottle with their favorite scent or recycle the glass.

“We are extremely proud to have pioneered screw pump technology for fragrance pumps,” said Sandy Gregory, director of fragrance marketing for Silgan Dispensing. “While it sounds simple, developing and standardizing a removable fragrance pump took a significant amount of design expertise and partnership across the supply chain to bring Pirouette to market.”

Following the tremendous success of Melodie Pirouette® and XD 11® Pirouette™ with major brand owners in the prestige segment, the company is applying its expertise to help lifestyle fragrance brands bring more sustainable solutions to their consumers. Aspire Pirouette is specifically designed for that segment.

The Aspire® fragrance pump helps drive deeper lifestyle brand engagement by delivering a more premium look and feel. It features a low-profile design with modern aesthetics, including smooth actuation and a fine, consistent atomization that leaves value-seeking consumers feeling pampered.

“Our Melodie and XD 11 pumps with our Pirouette technology are the prestige segment leaders in removable fragrance pumps. The response from brand owners has been incredible. Because of that success, we see the potential to bring this sustainable solution to the lifestyle market with Aspire Pirouette,” added Gregory.

The entire Pirouette portfolio was available to sample at the show.

Luxury and Customization also on display

The company is also highlighting its full line of prestige dispensing solutions as well as examples of its leadership in customization.

“As a global leader in prestige, we have the expertise to help brands find the most luxurious dispensing experience and develop it into a custom solution,” said Sophie Thiolas, director of beauty marketing at Silgan Dispensing. “We understand that brands are looking to stand out from the crowd while still delivering on their consumers’ highest expectations – we are that partner they can rely on to meet these goals.”

For the beauty and personal care markets, brand owners can explore one of the broadest portfolios of airless dispensers, fine mist sprayers, foamers and lotion atmospheric pumps.

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