The Updated LX Pump

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For over 30 years, our LX pump has been used by iconic brands across the globe. A lot has changed since then in the way consumers use and purchase products with our pumps on them, so we continue to evolve our designs to align with consumers’ lifestyle changes.

Because of this, we're excited to introduce an updated version of our industry-loved LX pump. The new design improvements answer current e-commerce application requirements and features optimized sealing. These changes are designed with the modern consumer experience in mind—one where online shopping and on-the-go lifestyles are the norm.


Looking for a medium-dosage pump for your lotions and oils? LX delivers. This renowned pump has more than 20 years of experience on the market. It’s not only easy and comfortable to use, its lockable design keeps makeup bags mess-free at home or on the go. And, with many designs and finishes to choose from, you can create an ownable look that differentiates you from your competition.

LX Specification

  • Neck attachement: GCMI 22, 24
  • Attachment: Screw On
  • Dosage: 350/500 µL
  • Actuator (mm): 4 different shapes: soprano (rounded design), Sethi (flat top), Rio (long nazzle)
  • Range: available in airless version (Tube+ pump)
  • Decoration:
    • Standard colours: black, white and natural
    • Standard anodisation: shiny silver and gold
    • Any specific anodisation or colours available on request
    • Contouring available around the plastic collar

For more information, contact Silgan Dispensing or visit the catalog

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