Designed for on-the-go use: Silgan Dispensing's M3 Foamers

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Designed for on-the-go use, Silgan Dispensing’s M3 foamers give consumers the convenience of portable dispensing for their personal care products. Perfect for a busy holiday travel season.

A travel-size evolution of the F3 and G3 handheld pumps, M3 gives consumers the convenience of portable dispensing for their skincare, personal care, sun care, hair care and kids’ care products. Its rounded shape provides a foundation for customization, from nozzle design to foam characteristics. Add effortless actuation and you have a winning formula for consumers looking to take their favorite foam products wherever they go.

There are many reasons consumers prefer foam dispensing in their beauty and personal care products. It clings well, is easy to spread, rinses completely and feels pleasant to touch. Not only that, foam is a more sustainable option, requiring 22%-100% less water than other solutions.

Silgan Dispensing’s portfolio of foam dispensers for facial care, hair care, body care and beyond gives you the flexibility to create a solution that delivers the elegant experience consumers desire while distinguishing your brand on the shelf.

M3 Foamer

  • Output: 0.6ml (S6) / 0.4ml (S10)
  • Delivered foam dose: 4.4ml (S6 & S10)
  • Any specific colours available on request
  • Bottle standard decoration: Silk screening and hot-stamping
  • Neck finish: 30 mm
  • Attachment: Screw-on
  • Bottle: Bottles Available

See the M3 Foamer in the catalog, or contact Silgain Dispensing for more information 

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