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Luxe Pack exhibitors strike balance between eco and prestige – Working with PCR

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Article excerpt below from Cosmetic Business, Luxe Pack exhibitors strike balance between eco and prestige. Read full article https://www.cosmeticsbusiness.com/technical/article_page/Luxe_Pack_exhibitors_strike_balance_between_eco_and_prestige/158785

Back in January, Silgan Dispensing introduced its first wave of PCR plastic products; its approach was to make certain components in its dispensers from 100% recycled material, while keeping those parts requiring high tolerance in virgin plastic. At Luxe Pack Monaco, the company not only launched new PCR options but revealed a far broader range of colour choices.

“We’ve offered three additional products from our core portfolio available with PCR,” said John Ferro, Vice President, Marketing at Silgan Dispensing. “The first three were the SD20C hand soap pump; the Mark VII Max, a fine mist sprayer; and the TS800 trigger sprayer. This week, we’re launching our more sophisticated P2000 pump, which is for higher viscosity lotions, an additional trigger sprayer [SP05] and our first cosmetic treatment pumps with PCR: Aria and Prelude.”

The Aria and Prelude pumps both feature 100% PCR closures and heads, meaning 66% of the total weight of the pump is made up of recycled material.

Silgan’s research revealed only a portion of customers are willing to compromise on colour
“One part of Silgan’s strategy is to expand our PCR portfolio, the other part is to expand the colours available. Our initial colours were black and basalt grey, because the stock for PCR generally comes in a light or dark grey.”

“We’ve now added some stock colours – red, green and blue – but for the personal care portfolio we can do more than 80 custom colours with PCR.”

While Ferro conceded that “there’s obviously only a certain range of the rainbow we can do, you can’t do bright orange for instance”, the range of custom colours extends to vibrant reds, jewel greens and blues and even fuchsia.

He told Cosmetics Business that Silgan research had revealed only a portion of customers are willing to compromise on colour. “Some will, particularly those brands whose brand equity rests on sustainability – there’s an authenticity there – but that doesn’t work for everybody. That’s why this [colour range] is so important for us and for our customers.”

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Silgan Dispensing is a member of Cetie, and several members of our team are involved with its various working groups, including one that focuses on screw necks or glass bottles: the Flaconnage Geometry Group. We recently talked with Juan Albi, project team leader for Silgan Dispensing’s beauty and personal care, and Sandy Gregory, director of fragrance marketing, to share about our company’s relationship with Cetie and how new standards are driving sustainability across the industry.

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