Silgan Dispensing focuses on brand differentiation and sustainability solutions

Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development, and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the home, health and beauty markets, is highlighting its expanded PCR product portfolio, which includes one of the industry’s widest range of available solutions, as well as its suite of products that address the challenges brand owners face in a dynamic packaging landscape.

“New demands are being placed on brands all the time, and we pride ourselves on being the best partner to our customers” said John Ferro, vice president, marketing, Silgan Dispensing. “For example, customers and consumers have raised their expectations around environmental sustainability both in the materials used and end of life disposal or reuse. At the same time, the competitive landscape has become more challenging, brands are seeking aesthetic, ergonomic, and performance enhancements to their packaging that drive consumer engagement.”

This year, Silgan Dispensing is highlighting solutions that address these key brand challenges:

Sustainability through PCR solutions

Silgan Dispensing is proud to announce it has expanded its PCR beauty and personal care product portfolio in Europe to now include an additional dispenser and skin care pump, which are well known and trusted. This expansion includes P2000™, a dispenser that features the Pure Path™ metal-free fluid path used for the most sensitive formulas, and the Aria® Prelude™ pump, a trusted and timeless cosmetic dispenser, which gives consumers a cleaner and more controlled experience. These products join a suite of existing PCR solutions that include the SD®20c pump and the Mark VII® Max fine mist sprayer, which launched earlier this year.

Beyond the use of post-consumer recycled plastic, Silgan Dispensing’s PCR portfolio offers a key differentiator in that its solutions are made locally in region, significantly reducing the shipping distance and the corresponding impact on the environment.

“Much of the sustainability gains brands hope to achieve through utilizing PCR solutions can quickly be negated when they need to be shipped thousands of miles to get from the manufacturer to the end user,” added Ferro. “Recognizing this critical aspect, we produce these solutions in the same regions where they are needed to minimize our carbon footprint as much as possible.”

In addition to an expanded PCR product portfolio, Silgan Dispensing will be introducing its color portfolio of over 80 colors. Until now, most suppliers have offered a narrow range of PCR colors, often limited to black and grey. However, Silgan Dispensing, aware of the importance of aesthetics in the beauty industry, has been able to combine looks with sustainability by offering a much wider choice of colors to their customers.

Sustainability through refillable solutions

For fragrance brands, Silgan Dispensing’s Melodie Pirouette™ sprayer offers brand owners two important sustainability features that address consumers’ frustrations around packaging when they finish their fragrance. On one hand, the pump can be separated from the glass bottle, which allows for the glass to be recycled. On the other hand, the ability to remove the pump also allows for refilling, so that consumers can re-use the packaging with their favorite fragrance.

Differentiation through better ergonomics, aesthetics, and performance.

Brand owners require solutions that differentiate products to enhance the consumer experience, starting with the impact of ergonomics. Silgan Dispensing’s Mark VII® Max Style was created specifically to combat consumer pain points around sun and hair care applications. An increased pump size gives users a more significant area to place their finger while the actuator’s shape has a groove, which the finger fits into comfortably. The groove includes two added grips to facilitate a more intuitive and accurate application.

A product’s aesthetic remains paramount. Silgan Dispensing offers a wide variety of customization options through its internal Design Studio with Creative Studio, as well as in-house laser etching capabilities. Additionally, Silgan Dispensing’s new initiative, XpresService, facilitates customization and speeds up development by pairing with the Silgan Dispensing Metal Color library. This combination offers a more agile custom color process in fragrance and skin care pumps, as well as a reduced time to market, enabling brand owners to create a more unique packaging experience more easily.

Lastly, better performance is vital, and Silgan Dispensing’s team of experts has solutions for all needs. For example, for fragrance brand owners, the Emotions of Spray Collection offers more options to tailor the pump and spray experience to the positioning and personality of the fragrance.

“Silgan Dispensing highly values meeting with our customers and listening to their needs and concerns,” said Sandy Gregory, associate marketing director, global fragrance & EU beauty, Silgan Dispensing. “Our goal is to partner with brand owners strategically and apply our technical expertise and specific consumer insights learnings to help them find the best solution for their unique set of challenges.”

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