Silgan Dispensing's Mark VII Max Style offers new sunscreen experience

A few years ago, researchers tracked the sunscreen habits of more than 2,000 attendees of the Minnesota State Fair.

Among the key takeaways from their study that appeared in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology was that only 33 percent of people applied sunscreen to all of their exposed skin. Previous research shows that some consumers avoid using sunscreen because of its greasiness. Others believe it’s inconvenient to apply or that it takes too much time. Still others simply forget or don’t see the point.

We’ve set out to make it more convenient to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Our new Mark VII® Max Style pump – an update to our Mark VII® Max pump – is the result of our own in-depth consumer research. We learned that consumers prefer a mess-free experience (sprays), fast and easy application and full coverage.

“We listened to the pain points of consumers, and we responded with a pump that’s easier to use,” said Eva Martin, Personal Care Product Line Manager of Silgan Dispensing. “Spray sunscreens continue to gain in popularity, so we have developed a product that delivers an experience that is all about convenience.”

The Mark VII Max Style pump offers users a more ergonomic and comfortable feeling when they actuate the pump. We increased the size of the pump to give users a bigger area to place their finger. We also redesigned the top, giving it a shape that emulates a groove for a finger. Two added grips in the groove ensure more security and accuracy when users apply the spray.

In addition, thanks to 21 different orifice cups, Mark VII Max Style provides a variety of spray patterns and angles to assure full body coverage. And while Mark VII Max Style was created for sun care, its functionality could also be used for other personal care applications, like hair products.

We’ll be taking orders for Mark VII Max Style by March 2019.

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