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Silgan Dispensing stands out from the crowd and increases brand loyalty through premiumization

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More and more these days, our customers are looking to be different, driven by consumer demand for a more premium brand experience. Brands consistently are seeking to stand out to capture consumers’ attention through thoughtful consideration of packaging design.

Premiumization, a trend that started a handful of years ago, continues to gain steam as brands seek to create a better experience for customers. In fact, a study conducted by global market research firm Euromonitor International on behalf of Silgan Dispensing shows that 81 percent of global consumers seek products that are below luxury, but more premium than mass.

The trend can take many forms, especially across industries. In the airline industry, for instance, premiumization is seen through the emergence of airline carriers like Jetblue, Virgin and Easyjet airlines that offer elevated flight experiences (more legroom, more amenities like snacks, meals and on-demand movies) at price points that are still within the means of everyday consumers.

In our industry of dispensing and packaging solutions, we’ve seen premiumization take shape in many different ways. For one brand, it might be creating a more premium experience – for instance, a metal finishing on a dispenser – for its product, even if it’s in a mass market. For another, it could mean using laser engraving to put a brand’s logo front and center on the actuator of a dispenser. And yet, for another it is the feeling, appearance and if the packaging is sustainable.

At Silgan Dispensing, we’re committed to driving brand loyalty for our customers by helping to create a better experience for their consumers through our knowledge of the market and research we’ve done. For example, in 2017, we surveyed more than 1,000 consumers in six countries (200 in each country) about refillable and recycling fragrance products. We learned that 75 percent of respondents favored a sustainable solution for their fragrance packaging and were very interested in refilling or recycling.

Knowing that our partners continually need to adapt to stand out in an increasingly crowded market, we developed Melodie Pirouette™, a sleek-looking and reusable pump that offers the premiumization needed to separate our customers from their competitors. Consumers are attracted to the look and feel of the package and know they are doing their part for the environment by refilling it or recycling the glass it attaches to.

But, there’s a fine line between a product looking good and a product working the way it should: No matter how perfect a product looks, it needs to work for it to sell whether it’s to our customers, or ultimately, the consumer.

Our partners continue to push us for new looks, ideas and designs.

We’re up to that challenge. After all, that’s where we stand out.

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