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Silgan Dispensing brings expertise and a wide range of solutions for the luxury market to Luxe Pack Monaco

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Join Us for Our Champagne and Oysters Celebration

Oct. 2 at Booth RD09 in Hall Ravel

Silgan Dispensing, a global leader in the design, development and distribution of highly engineered pumps and sprayers in the beauty, home and health markets, invites guests to join them in experiencing how they can play a key role in the design and development of custom solutions at Luxe Pack Monaco.

Specifically, the idea of personalization through product customization has been one of the biggest trends – and at times, disruptors – in the luxury goods space. Silgan Dispensing’s booth, following the theme, “Prestige Gets Personal,” will provide a unique experience in contrast to the white spaces associated with Luxe Pack. Taking a cue from the “Instagrammable” trend driving much of the consumer luxury market, our booth at this year’s show invites attendees into an intimate, home-like environment with its luxurious yet comfortable furnishings, textures, patterns and color.

“By its very nature, personalization means something different for every brand, and subsequently, their consumers; but all can agree personalization begins with customization,” said Sandy Gregory, associate marketing director, global fragrance & EU beauty, Silgan Dispensing. “For one company, personalization might mean creating a more premium experience, so we’ll deliver that through a customized metal finishing on a dispenser. For another, it could mean using laser engraving to put a brand’s logo on the actuator of a dispenser. Whatever personalization needs our customers have, we want to invite them into our space at Luxe Pack Monaco to have a conversation to help them find the right solution and make it a reality.”

Those solutions are evident throughout Silgan Dispensing’s suite of pumps and sprays. The design of Silgan Dispensing’s newest pump, Mark VII Max Style™, was enhanced to more intuitively and comfortably cradle the groove of the user’s finger, providing a more secure and personal sunscreen application experience. Silgan Dispensing also offers the ability to customize fragrance pumps to achieve specific objectives such as faster time to market. This capability has allowed Silgan to partner with top brand owners to find affordable and fast solutions for a handful of successful fragrance launches like Carolina Herrera’s Good Girl and Paco Rabanne’s 1 Million and Invictus. And the highly customizable options of the Sinfonia® spray dispenser ensure that whatever dimension, spray angle, output, finish or closure customers seek is available to fit their aesthetic and functional needs.

“No matter what, our process begins with identifying consumers’ biggest wishes or desires,” added Gregory. “With each project, our team conducts extensive research to gather the necessary insights to drive brand loyalty and create a better, more luxurious product experience. For example, sustainability continues to be one of the biggest interests for younger consumers. From a survey, we conducted of more than 1,000 people, we learned that three out of four luxury consumers want sustainable fragrance packaging, particularly those that can be refilled or recycled.”

These results are what led to the development of Melodie Pirouette, our refillable fragrance solution. Melodie Pirouette holds true to luxury aesthetics and offers consumers the ability to refill or recycle the packaging. A removable, plastic threaded ferrule pump separates the pump from the glass bottle so that users can recycle the glass or refill the bottle and reuse the pump.

Also at the show, Silgan Dispensing is reprising our popular champagne and oyster celebration on Oct. 2 at 5 p.m. – to which all media are invited.

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