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Dynamic dispensing has a new name

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Ladonna Armour, Global Director of Marketing for Silgan Dispensing Systems’ Home & Garden business took a moment to chat with Webpackaging about being one of the world's most dynamic companies in the dispensing sector. And while the Silgan Dispensing Systems name is new, formerly WestRock Company’s Home, Health and Beauty, the company’s commitment to providing industry-leading flexibility to its customers remains unchanged. Silgan Dispensing Systems has a breath of dispensing technology from trigger sprayers to aerosol activators, dispensing pumps to fine mist sprayers, and dispensing closures to custom devices. According to Ladonna, the word “dynamic” perfectly captures the essence of what Silgan Dispensing Systems offers.

To understand how Silgan Dispensing Systems embodies the word dynamic, we must take a closer look at the four dimensions that gauge its performance in the market and relates to its product portfolio.

The first dimension is the breath of products within the Silgan Dispensing Systems portfolio. Regardless of whether a company is looking to dispense skin care, health care, laundry, household cleaning, air care, or fragrance product, Silgan Dispensing Systems can provide an extraordinary solution for each of those categories. In fact, the company offers technical design, manufacturing, and distribution for products in a wide range of markets. The Home & Garden division alone offers trigger sprayers for both consumer and professional applications, aerosols appropriate for use across diverse end markets, dispensing closure solutions to meet an array of other industry applications —including food and beauty—and hose-end and battery-operated sprayers for lawn and garden applications. Other companies might focus on a single product category, but no one offers the sheer product assortment that Silgan Dispensing Systems does. Being connected across multiple categories, markets or technology uses enables Silgan Dispensing Systems to link consumer trends, packaging technology and innovation in an unique way.  Multinational customers and large distributors alike appreciate being able to source all their dispensers from one supplier.

The second dimension is the wide range of technical customization that a customer can find within the Silgan Dispensing Systems portfolio. A customer can dynamically build and configure a dispenser for a specific application. This means that from the same base product one can combine a large array of components to generate a final product that is highly customized and suits each individual customer. For example, Silgan Dispensing Systems portfolio enables customers to select the output, spray pattern, particle size, and other features needed for their specific brand and application. Each customer gets a sprayer that fits their needs exactly, even though it is built from a set of standard components. The technology to enable this level of choice stems from Silgan Dispensing Systems know-how in various areas of expertise, including pumps and aerosol technologies. Perfect dispensing can only be achieved thanks to Silgan Dispensing Systems comprehensive technical and production capabilities.

The third dimension is the breath of aesthetic customization that Silgan Dispensing Systems offers for its broad portfolio.  There are thousands of aesthetic and ergonomic features that allow customers to customize their dispensers to create the first ideal impression on shelf.  For example, the TS800 trigger spray within the Home and Garden product portfolio has more than 3,100 different configurations of triggers, nozzles, shrouds, and other components. Because of the magnitude of features, Silgan Dispensing Systems has several ways to partner with customers to bring their vision to life.  From a highly strategic internal design team, knowledgeable sales associates to a newly launched tool called the 3D Design Lab. The 3D Design Lab, available to customers later this year, is a dynamic tool that allows sales teams and customers to build, design and customize a product in 3D within a short period of time.   This allows customers a way to see how the dispensing solution would impact their brands product on the shelf.  This tool is a great example of how Silgan Dispensing Systems is a dynamic company that values collaborating with its customers to make the greatest impact on improving their brand.

The fourth and final dimension is Silgan Dispensing Systems flexible global supply chain.  With production facilities on four different continents, Silgan Dispensing Systems is always close to customers, ensuring a dynamic and responsive supply. Customers don't have to worry about a single point of failure at a production plant as the dispensing solutions can be produced in one of several worldwide locations. This contingency of supply gives customers an unprecedented level of security in the delivery of the product. This also ensures speed of access: if a customer cannot wait for a product from a certain plant, there is always the possibility of producing it at an alternative qualified location.

International production capabilities also enable Silgan Dispensing Systems to engage in worldwide product launches. Larger consumer good companies might want a simultaneous, worldwide launch of a product, which would necessitate producing it in several different locations at the same time.

If you would like to learn more about Silgan Dispensing Systems please contact Gwynne Teass

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