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WestRock demonstrates how global consumer insights can help define luxury skincare packaging

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WestRock Company, a global leader in paper and packaging solutions, will be presenting at the leading cosmetic and perfume packaging event, PCD, the findings from its latest research into key drivers that shape today’s consumer experience of prestige facial skincare pumps.

The study aimed to identify luxury dispensing cues and how they impact brand perception. To obtain these insights into the key drivers that shape and inform the consumer experience of prestige facial skincare dispensers, WestRock conducted an in-depth study that explored and captured the ergonomic, functional and visual preferences of luxury consumers when it comes to moisturizers, serums and make-up.

The research conducted in both Europe, an established luxury market and in China, an exploding luxury market, allowed us to understand what consumers expect when it comes to both the performance and emotional characteristics of their skincare packaging.

On the first day of the conference, January 18, Sandy Gregory, Associate Marketing Director Global Fragrance and European Beauty, will present these findings in the conference titled “Exploring the senses of skincare luxury.” Sandy will discuss their impact both for brand owners and packaging producers such as WestRock, as the research findings also helped WestRock in the development of one of its latest innovations, Aria Luxe. “Our research proved that consumers are looking to skincare brands to provide new ways of selfindulgence and unique, tailored experiences,” said Sandy Gregory.

“As brand owners are constantly on a quest to enhance the skincare experience for consumers, they can look to WestRock to deliver on the promise of luxury their brand offers.” Visitors to the congress will be able to learn about the Aria Luxe dispenser, designed to meet and surpass the expectations of today’s luxury consumers with its timeless elegance and industry-leading engineering.

It features a gracefully designed finger groove for greater comfort and control and a luscious metal finish to reflect the brands’ commitment to enriching the skincare ritual with this high-end look. In addition, the packaging company will be showcasing some of its other innovations at PCD, including Melodie Touch, the first fragrance delivery system in the market with a small, elegant and refined spray, created in order to provide a discreet and directly targeted dose that is perfect for application and touching up in public spaces.

Also on show will be Melodie Mystery, which offers a magical aura via a prolonged, sensual and fine spray, while maintaining a focused and targeted application. Melodie dispensers are part of WestRock’s Emotions of Spray Collection, an expanded line of seven fragrance pumps each with unique spray characteristics and aimed at enhancing the consumer experience.

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