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WestRock offers additional customization with launch of Creative Studio for Fragrance

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WestRock Company, a global leader in paper and packaging solutions, today announced an expanded suite of fragrance decoration and customization options. The new Creative Studio for Fragrance represents a sampling of dispensing solutions for fragrance – pairing decorative overtubes, WestRock’s NoC® invisible dip tube, and customized collars and actuators with new capabilities in extensions for spray caps – to create the ultimate aesthetic in an efficient, optimized way.

Consumers are looking to fragrance brands to provide new ways of self-expression and offer unique, tailored experiences. As brand owners are constantly on a quest to enhance the fragrance experience for consumers, they need a packaging partner who can help further unlock creativity and allow ideas to come to life in a practical, efficient way.

  • The Creative Studio for Fragrance is an example of what is possible with WestRock’s customization capabilities for the Melodie® pump which include:
    Decorative elements, including overtubes, to allow for more design options and a differentiated look to help set brands apart;
  • WestRock’s NoC® invisible dip tube, which becomes the perfect complement as the patented invisible dip tube technology does not interfere with the design elements of the overtube and works cohesively with the rest of the pack; and
  • WestRock’s Melodie® Clikit™ technology which allows the finished elements to be delivered to brand owners as a one-piece, pre-assembled unit. This ensures the finest quality product delivered in an optimized, efficient manner to help get brands to market quickly.

According to Sandy Gregory, associate marketing director of global fragrance and the European beauty market, “At WestRock, we study how consumers interact with packaging. We know from our insights work, which helped launch the Emotions of Spray Collection, that consumers notice, appreciate and feel connected by the nuances of the total fragrance experience: the way the spray touches their skin, the sound it makes as they spray and, of course, the overall look that will remind them of the magic of the story behind the fragrance. All of these elements come together to create a memorable experience with each use.”

WestRock will share the Creative Studio for Fragrance at LuxePack Monaco, October 21-23, 2015, at Booth RD09 in Hall Ravel. Members of WestRock’s design team will be available at the show to discuss inspiration and sketch ideas with visitors to the booth as they help bring the Creative Studio for Fragrance to life for different fragrance brand personalities and messaging. The new Pearl™ Deco Collection will also be featured at the booth which highlights new decoration techniques available for this well-established and versatile beauty and personal care pump range of solutions. In addition, WestRock’s portfolio of beauty and personal care dispensing systems and premium paperboard for luxury markets will be on display at the show.

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