Job Title
Spring coiler mechanic
Job Major CategoryEngineering
Job Location
Washington Court House, Ohio
Job Description
Career Level Experienced (Non-Manager)


Setup and maintains Coiling machinery and equipment such as tooling, ovens, moyers, de reelers and production machines and equipment by performing the following duties.


All employees are expected to act in a safe manner at all times and ensure that those around them do not put themselves or others at risk. Safety and health is a shared responsibility of everyone in the organization and a condition of employment. 

Everyone is personally accountable for his/her own safety as well as their co-workers.

We value and expect engagement out of all employees. 

Essential duties and responsabilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

Setup new springs for production as needed.

Observe equipment in operation and evaluate potential problems for future repairs.

Dismantle equipment to gain access to and remove defective parts.

Adjust function parts of equipment and control instruments.

Repair or replace defective parts.

Install special functional and structural parts in equipment.

Lubricate and clean parts.

Start equipment to test their performance.

Repair electrical equipment: Lose wire and test fuses and replace is needed

Qualifications, Experience, Requirements


5 years experience within the Spring industry with working on setups and running production of springs.

Physical requirements: Walking/Standing/Lifting up to 50 pounds.

Language Skills

Ability to read and interpret documents that include but are not limited to, safety documents, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manual.  Ability to read spring drawings and or blue-prints.

Basic math skills

Able to read Micrometers and Dial Calipers

Ability to solve practical problems 

Able to work independently

Work Hours
Full time


Telephone: +1 804 444 1000 Province: Ohio Country: United States

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