PFP N™ (Preservative-Free Pump)

Consumer preference and brand team desires for differentiation are driving manufacturers to remove preservatives from formulations, because they can create adverse reactions in many patients. The side effects of preservatives often include irritation of the nasal passages, nose bleeds, allergic reactions and tissue thinning or damage – particularly a concern with chronic medication usage. Our quantitative research has shown that 80% of patients prefer preservative-free medications, and they are often willing to pay more for them. The research also found that the vast majority of physicians and pharmacists prefer prescribing/recommending preservative-free medications.


Packaging TypePharmaceutical Components
Packaging Sub-TypeNasal Sprays
Market - MajorHealth
Market - SegmentPharmaceuticals
Market - End UseOTC (Over the Counter) Drugs. Prescription Drugs. Illness Prevention




Neck TypesSnap On
Neck Diameter20 mm


Dispensing/Dosing Volume0.050 ml
Dispensing/Dosing Notes & Ratios

0.050 ml
0.070 ml
0.090 ml
0.100 ml
0.140 ml

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