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Silgan Dispensing’s acquisition of Albéa Dispensing expands the foundation for our growth strategy

Beauty, Personal Care, Home Care, Primary Packaging, Dispensing Closures

By now you have heard the exciting news about our recent acquisition of Albéa’s Global Dispensing Business. And I don’t use that word “exciting” lightly. The combination is a transformative step forward for Silgan on our mission to be the preferred partner to our customers. Let me explain why.

First, we are getting a great team of people- knowledgeable, passionate about servicing customers and committed to becoming the best Dispensing Solutions company in the world. Second, we significantly expand our product offering and manufacturing footprint for several important applications. For skin care, we add an extensive line of lotion pumps and foamers. For Fragrance, we gain a wide range of products and an extensive manufacturing footprint in which to serve customers’ needs. In addition, we add mini and sampler products designed to serve both Skin Care and Fragrance markets.  Given the new dynamics we are facing, solutions for trial and sampling will help our customers reach their consumers in an efficient manner.

In addition, we become a leader in Brazil with Rigid Packaging solutions for Beauty, Cosmetics and Personal Care applications. This business enables us to be fully integrated into our customers’ brand strategy development and execution.  This integration, or closeness, allows us to fully understand their needs so we can develop solutions that support their business strategy.

The purchase of Albéa Dispensing is a big move for our organization, one that we believe will ensure we are positioned as the market leader in a number of end-use categories. By integrating Albéa’s strong product line for Fragrance and Skin Care solutions with Silgan Dispensing’s existing market-leading solutions for Personal Care, Home Care, Fragrance and Lawn and Garden applications, we have an outstanding platform to support our growth aspirations. This expanded platform is especially important to our customers who rely on our robust supply-chain capabilities.

I was excited to see our new capabilities recently when a Europe-based company was seeking solutions that, prior to the acquisition, we could not provide. But within 48 hours, our team of former Albéa Dispensing employees stepped up with a proposal that was impressive on so many fronts, demonstrating not only our technical expertise and spirit of innovation but also a can-do attitude that is a foundation of the Silgan Dispensing culture.

They say culture is often the most pressing challenge when two companies come together. However, that one experience demonstrated how aligned we are already are as a team. While we are together for just one month, we share a desire to find solutions for our customers and to position ourselves as the go-to resource for customers product development needs. While I cannot share specifics at this time, my excitement about our future is fueled by the pipeline of products that we have in development and the spirit and capability of our team.

If you have the sense that we are building momentum, you would be right, and we look forward to continuing to set the standard for the industry.

– Kevin Clark

President, Silgan Dispensing Systems

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