Featuring a unique aesthetic, Aerohead™ lets your brand stand out on the shelf. Plus, it’s ergonomic and easy to actuate, making it a more convenient, comfortable choice, compared to conventional push-button sprayers. The Aerohead allows for a customizable trigger design and works great with a variety of applications, like paint, bug spray, window cleaners and air care.

Also available in PCR Plastic.


A 207.51/211
Detailed Description
Comes with narrow, medium, wide, stream, custom spray patterns; with a track, tire tread, customizable trigger designs
Major MarketHome Care
Market - SegmentLawn, Garden Care
Active PackagingActive, Smart Packaging
Primary Packaging TypeDispensing Closures


MaterialsPlastic. Eco Sensitive. Eco Plastic. Plastic - PCR

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Ergosol™ is a trigger actuated aerosol sprayer offering flexibility and comfort that’s ready to use. It’s the first off-theshelf sprayer with the aesthetics and performance functionality of a customized solution. With Ergosol, we’ve combined a unique look and functionality to create a universal design that can be used for a variety of products. With fewer parts than custom solutions, brands can quickly and easily convert from traditional pushbutton aerosol sprayers. Ergosol fits almost any can size, provides a variety of spray patterns to choose from, and is designed to reduce finger fatigue, allowing for a better consumer experience.

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