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MWV's skincare portfolio — Aria®, Sonnet®, Prelude™ and Sonata™ — is an essential part of any brand's skincare line. Each dispenser has been specifically designed to enhance the performance of high-viscosity, oxygen sensitive cosmetic and personal care products; including cleansers, lotions and serums.

All of MWV's skincare pumps are designed to ensure consumers notice an improved user experience. Consumers get a consistently smooth delivery of product into their hand, with the right amount every time. Furthermore the stroke length is designed to allow for a low force-to-actuate, and an enhanced feeling of comfort and control.

As standard, each pump also comes with a built-in locking feature, improving portability and further fostering a sense of trust and security among users.

Aria and Prelude are uniquely designed to offer consumers a superior usage experience. Control, cleanliness and security are all paramount. With smaller output of .17 or .25ml, each can be used for moisturizers, foundations, or hair treatment/serums.

Sonnet and Sonata offer the same performance benefits of Aria and Prelude. These pumps are simply a larger version both in closure sizes and in output. The .5ml dose is perfect for skin care cream or hair styling treatments and oils.

MWV's skin care line is an essential addition to any packaging line-up.  It's simple, versatile and classic.

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