MWV's new Aerosense aerosol sprayer is stand out

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MWV's newest aerosol sprayer, Aerosense™, offers brand differentiation through its unique shelf presence and ergonomic spray experience. Specifically designed for products such as sun care, body spray and hair sprays, Aerosense is a trigger-actuated sprayer that enables effortless actuation with a continuous, even spray pattern.

The system also has a built-in locking feature - preventing the sprayer from unexpectedly activating when traveling.

The soft contours of Aerosense's unique design form directly to the hand which, coupled with an easy-to-grip trigger, allows brands to deliver a pleasing ergonomic experience to their end user. 

These thoughtful design characteristics foster a connection of trust and comfort between brands and their consumers - which can ultimately lead to an increase in brand loyalty.

Furthermore, Aerosense's customizable spray pattern allows brand owners to tailor it based on the intended application.

Aerosense adds yet another chapter to MWV’s strong legacy and expertise in the beauty and personal care dispensing market.

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